Meet Emily

Asker of Great Questions

Emily Einsohn Bhandari

Strategic, systems-level thinker with entrepreneurial vision and drive. Leadership professional with experience managing teams, facilitating group learning, designing social impact programs, coordinating research projects, conducting evaluation, and developing educational outreach projects about complex issues for diverse stakeholders.

Champion of culturally responsive, participatory, equitable evaluation practices and using data to make informed decisions. Skilled in complexity science and the interdisciplinary analysis of equity, structural racism, and intersectionality within social issues.

Trained social worker and social justice advocate. History of developing trust and effective relationships with a variety of audiences, including community members, nonprofits, businesses, start-ups, students, educators, political professionals, funders and individuals in leadership roles.

Civic life enthusiast who knows that small changes add up to big changes — through the collaborative power of the people. Co-author of the Texas Civic Health Index (2013 and 2018) and the Greater Austin Civic Health Index (2018). Trained facilitator in the technology of participation (ToP), civic reflection, liberating structures, and the foundations of public participation (IAP2).